DYNAMIC – Sabrina Persechino

Dynamic – Sabrina Persechino

Sabrina Persechino

The designer: architect Sabrina Persechino, whose collections are unavoidably influenced by contamination of the design and of the architecture’s principals and techniques, has been seduced this time from the geometry’s charm, and she likes to play with the dynamism’s “discomposed” rigors.
The lines and parallel planes, due to their perspective deformation, create movements in the space turning in curves and convergences.
The collection gets its name from the Dynamic, exactly because of the “dynamism” which is created due to that prospective transformation .
The designer gets her creations “alive” and “dynamic”, through the creation of fulls and voids, twists and cuts, that defines the shape of the clothes.
And so, exactly through parallels cuts, divergent at times, and convergent pliers, Sabrina Persechino creates pure but dynamic volumes, in which is the space, the vacuum, being the real main character that defines the    shapes and movements.

Instinctively and sensorially, the pure volume brings static and intellectual rationality, order and rigors, meanwhile the dynamism suggests fluency, interactions, which refuse obeying a schematic and rigorous design.
And so, on the rigors models clothes, the cuts, the twists and the leathers create movements and evolutions which give birth to fluidity and dynamism.
The lasers and the silks twists create different suggestions from every visual corner that, enriched by the movement, suggest directional indications and prospective allusions.
The silks and fine duffel are dyed by neutral but incisive colors like olivine, white, nude, pink or black.
The search of new textures and warps derive from the lasers of parallel cuts, more or less deep, on the duffels.
Outfits are rigorously linear and geometric but full of elegance and sensuality, including outerwear and overalls, moreover cocktail and grand monde dresses.
Dynamic is born from the will to shape a silhouette that, maintaining a marked formal rigors, but in the meantime follow the free pulse, made by the curves lines, the elegant succession of soft and cosy volumes, the sensuous elegance, creating clothes that are properly dynamic and sinuous architectures.

Sabrina Persechino
Sabrina Persechino
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