KALIMAT AND GALLUCCI Bring Arab And Italian Children Closer Through Reading

 Kalimat and Gallucci Bring Arab and Italian Children Closer Through Reading


Kalimat Group, Sharjahbased publishing house specialised in Arabic booksorganised a series of interactive reading sessions for Arab and Italian children at Al Rawi, a restaurantbookstore, and café, located at Sharjah’s popular Al Majaz Waterfront.

The sessions were conducted with an aim to realize the vision of the Galucci-Kalimat publishing house, which was established during Kalimat Group’s participation in the Rome Book Fair. 

Gallucci Publishing, Italian publisher known for books that help address challenges faced by the youth, partnered with Kalimat Group to establish the Gallucci-Kalimat publishing house. 

The story telling sessions, during this event, featured LamiaTawfik, Martina Pisciali and Paolo Balbiwho read aloud Arabic stories, and children’s books translated into Italian, tothe participating kids. The young book lovers enjoyed listening to works of prolific Lebanese author Fatima Sharafeddine, including ‘My Feet’, ‘My Hands’Aunt Osha’, ‘Close to Home’, and Ibn Sina.

The sessions reflected the spirit of the joint publishing house, which aims to promote cultural exchange between the UAE and Italy and facilitate publishing of the Arabic literature on a larger scale. 

‘My Feet’ 

My Feet’ is a toddler book that captivates kids’ attention and highlights the importance of feet in human life by telling them about the wonderful things their feet are able to do. In a simple and interesting narrative style, the writer conveys her idea that the little ones understand easily when they read the story.

‘My Hands’

‘My Hands’ depicts what activities kids can do using their hands. The book teaches children the importance of hands and their value in one’s lifein a simple and fun way. 

Close to Home

‘Close to Home’ contains information on the importance offacilities around us and the purpose of having them in each neighbourhood. The book explains this in a simple and easy way. 

Aunt Osha

The book tells the story of a talkative womannamed OshaHer excessive talking annoys people of the town where she lives. However, when aunt Osha disappears for a few days, people visit her and find out about her loneliness and illness. They take care of her and entertain her until she feels better and resumes talking. With its beautiful illustrations and expressive descriptions, the narrative ignites children’s imagination so they easily relate to it and understand the story.

‘Ibn Sina

The Amazing Discoveries of Ibn Sina is the second title in the book series ‘Do you Know Who I Am?”. It is the story of Ibn Sina (known as Avicenna in Europe), one of the greatest thinkers of his time — a philosopher, scientist, and physician who made significant discoveries, especially in the fields of medicine and philosophy, with great contribution to the history of Islamic Civilisation. The book throws light on the most important stages in his life.

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