To be displayed from Early June – Proudly Presented by Opera Gallery Dubai

Opera Gallery Dubai is proud to present Spanish born artist, Quim Bové, who is creating eight unique artworks especially for the DIFC Gallery. Bové is no stranger to the Opera Gallery network, having been a part of the 2017 multi-artist exhibition Gold, where he created two iconic gold pieces carefully tailored to suit the theme. This time he is back to uncover his inspirational quintessence that has been inspired by the Arabian Desert.

Bové is know for his symbolic, abstract painting’s executed through his dynamic brush strokesthat are clearly reflected across his collections. One of the primary inspirations in his works derives from certain energies and magnetisms he has experienced in the desert. Most of his life work has been impacted by the Sonoran Desert in Arizona but in 2017 he visited the Liwa Desert in the UAE where he felt a very different, yet equally powerful energy. This has sparked a several month trip to Dubai in order to ignite the new-found inspiration and create a personalised collection of unique paintings that will be displayed exclusively at Opera Gallery Dubai.


Bové has decided to completely immerse himself amongst what inspires him most and is living in the UAE for a two-month period whilst he creates the artworks that reflect the energy and inspiration of the Arabian Desert. He is working out of a temporary art studio at The JamJar in Alserkal Avenue whilst completing the unique works.


Bové says, “I’m really excited to be living here for a few months and really being able to feel the energies around what inspires me. I can’t wait to show the UAE what their beautiful desert has inspired me to create.”


With his refined and sophisticated layering technique that creates depth transcending the two-dimensional form of the painting, the works are sure to be powerful and complex, inviting the spectator to be part of the art and thus creating a visual dialogue.


Quim Bové’s works can be enjoyed at Opera Gallery Dubai in DIFC from early June onwards.

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