Altaroma 2018 – Anna Ceccon Moi Multiple

During Altaroma 2018 IFN – Rome FTV Interview Anna Ceccon from the brand MOI MULTIPLE.

Interview by:
Graziella Ferraro

Moi Multiple is the brand of designer Anna Francesca Ceccon, founded in 2008. A reflection on the transience of contemporary society. The individual is increasingly multi-faceted and multiple in identity. Above all, the role of women has evolved and developed, requiring ever more attitudes, skills and personalities. The brand wants to reflect the different personalities of contemporary women thanks to a transitory, ever-changing and ever-changing stylistic identity. In the mutation and lability lies the stylistic key of the brand. Conceptual griffe with strong design research. Each season presents a story, concept, food for thought and analysis. Lines, volumes, workmanship and fabrics become a medium for the story, protagonists of the narration. The designer Anna Ceccon loves to call herself a storyteller. The target audience is transversal by age, but connoted by cultural interests and the search for exclusivity. The dress comes to life from a large study on modeling, which combines the Italian sartorial tradition with the Asian culture of two-dimensional design and with the dummy draping. Geometric and clean lines, which become enveloping and fluid on the body, mark the brand’s recognizability. Organza, which has always been the designer’s signature style, underlines the quest for modernity through the unprecedented use of traditional fabrics. The dichotomy between movement and fixity, the relationship between irony and color, the study of unexpected and emotionally involving details are the cornerstones of Moi Multiple aesthetics.

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